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Rhys Lovell is an exceptionally versatile electric and double bass player who has forged a career spanning everything from classical and theatre to contemporary jazz and pop. He has been an in-demand bassist for the past 15 years and has toured the USA, Europe, Middle East and the UK on many occasions. He has worked with acts as diverse as James Hunter, Mc Neat and The Miserable Rich as well as recording on over 30 albums.

His versatility is reflected in the projects he’s currently involved with. These include the James Hunter Six, mini pop orchestra Stompys Playground, contemporary Lebanese violinist Layale Chakar, West African highlife group the Yung Afrika Pioneers, country/folk singer Naomi Bedford, swing/jive band Flash Mob Jazz and house bassist for West End Live Lounge to name but a few. He also runs two of his own projects, experimental jazz trio Deep Sea Fitness Club and The Nuevo Tango Quintet which performs the music of Argentinian composer Astor Piazzolla.

Rhys grew up in Southampton before moving to Brighton to attend the Brighton Institute of Modern Music in 2004. He started his professional career soon after, first as an electric bassist playing in rock, soul and pop bands and then switching his attention to the double bass where he began to work more with jazz, folk and world music. In 2008 he joined The Miserable Rich with whom he recorded three albums and toured with extensively for four years throughout Europe and the UK. He continued working predominantly a jazz musician in Brighton until moving to London in 2016 to complete a scholarship MA at the Royal Academy of Music in Jazz and Composition.

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